Legacy Registration is HAPPENING!

Click this link to register for LEGACY: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQ2imPuCYF3wCg6Xze89kLAnI8hpEBzgsrkIlEnXfayzKj8Q/viewform

💥💥💥💥 Key points:💥💥💥💥

💥 February registration is LEGACY ONLY. Must have been active on the 2020 Rosters OR have a sibling on a 2020 active roster. Anyone registering during Legacy period that is not legacy- WILL NOT BE PLACED ON A TEAM.

💥 If you don't register by 2/28 @ 11:59pm - you'll lose your legacy status and possibly lose your spot on the team.

💥 ALL CLUBS WILL BE COLLECTING REGISTRATION FEES- be on the lookout for emails from the clubs.

💥 2020 participants DO NOT NEED to submit more documents. UNLESS, you were a flag participant that started Kindergarten. All NEW registrants (whether legacy bc of siblings or not) will have to submit documents to clubs or Athleticdirector@aayfdt.org

Any questions please email Athleticdirector@aayfdt.org- Facebook doesn't always show me comments and I don't wanna miss questions!