Klein Oiler History(1974-2018)

The Klein Oilers celebrate over 40 years as a member of the All American Youth Football League (AAYFL). The Oilers were one of the original 6 teams that made up the AAYFL. The original 6 teams included the Klein Oilers, Klein Jets, Spring Raiders, Ponderosa Cowboys, Tomball Redcats and Spring Dolphins. A few years later the Klein Rams and Klein Broncos were added. The league has undergone many changes in the ensuing years as the area has grown and our districts have been recalibrated to our school systems.

The boundary for the Klein Oilers has changed over the years with the addition of new schools being constructed by the Klein Independent School District (KISD). The construction of new schools has resulted in the addition of 2 new KISD teams, the Klein Texans and the Klein Eagles. Currently, we have the following schools zoned to the Klein Oilers; Northampton Elementary, Metzler Elementary and Bernshausen Elementary. Our primary junior high school has been Hildebrandt Intermediate, but we will also add in Hofius Intermediate in the fall of 2018.

Over the years, there has been some outstanding talented young men that played for the Oilers that include such names as Vince Hawkins, Bo Davidson and Joe Harris that have gone on to have outstanding high school and college football careers.

During the early years of the organization, the Oilers struggled to make the playoffs, being in the division with the Redcats, the Rams, and the Jets. Only 2 teams from each division made the playoffs during those years.

Starting in 1991, the Oilers fortunes changed, over the next 13 years, the Oilers were able to have at least 1 team in a super bowl with as many as 4 teams competing for the super bowl in a given year. Also, during the 13-year period, the playoff system was expanded to include all 8 teams. The Spring (Westfield) Cowboys and the Spring Raiders/Aldine Jaguars were added prior to 1988.

From 1988 to the present, there were additional teams that were organized and sponsor for brief periods (2 to 4 years). They included 2 teams from Pecan Grove and the Klein Redskins. The Redskins received their equipment from the Klein Oilers.

The Oilers' colors have changed over the years. The Oilers wore Columbia blue jerseys and silver pants. Then 1991, they wore Columbia blue jerseys and pants and then changed to all white uniform in 1999. The Oilers have been admired and respected for the quality of their football equipment by other youth football leagues in the Houston area. In 1990, the Oilers replaced all their shoulder pads with Douglas pads and their football helmets with Air helmets. Currently, many teams in the AAYFL have followed the Oilers lead in using Air Helmets and Douglas Shoulder pads.

In 2000, the AAYFL decided to remove the Jaguars from the league and add 4 organizations that included the Eagles, the Texans, the Spring Lions and a team from Cy Fair. The Eagles and Texans teams currently have players on their teams whose older brothers had played for the Oilers. With the addition of 4 teams, the AAYFL has expanded to 12 organizations with 8 teams in two divisions (AFC/NFC), and 4 from each conference making the playoffs each year.

In 2012, the Oilers adopted their white on black uniforms and restyled the logo in an effort to update the appearance and further show the close ties with the Klein Oak Panthers High School football teams, which the predominant number of our players will hopefully play for in the years to come.

This year, our 45th anniversary season, we have all black uniforms highlighted with our signature 'columbia blue' stripes to pay respect to the traditional 'Luv'Ya'Blue' campaigns of the past. We are thrilled to have all rosters full including both the Oilers football teams and Derrick Doll drill teams. Together they represent the best of our wonderful community!